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 Posted: 02-04-2006 11:49 pm
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Welcome eddieb,

I am also working on making my own floor pans, and not being a sheet metal pro, would like to share notes with you or anyone else.

I found this article on the web for an MGB floor pan replacement which gives some pretty good tips applicable to the JH.

I opted to make my pans in two parts one, because it was easier, and two, my home made break is only 36" wide.  The two pieces join right at the "bend" in the transmission tunnel.  I also made the flanges, that attach to the sill and the transmission tunnel, wider so I can trim as necessary when I install. 

I'm not to sure how the front part where it attaches to the bulkhead and the back of the front wheel arch is going to work out.  Some trimming and bending is probably going to be necessary.  If anyone has a picture of a "factory" floor pan off the car it would be very helpful.

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