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 Posted: 12-29-2005 08:00 pm
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Thanks for all of the advice, folks.  It's made the door panel work much easier.  I should have a picture up of the finished driver's side door this afternoon.  Mitch, thanks for the head's-up about Moss Motors.  Tony, I used the spray adhesive and it worked well; saved a lot of time and I found an acid-free kind that should last.  I did put the door lock pulls in, as I like to keep the doors locked while driving for safety.

I can't use the door pull to lock the door when I leave the car, though.  The mechanism seems to require me to close the door before I can lock it.  I guess that's a precaution against locking yourself out (not as big a deal on the convertible).  I've got the hardtop on for winter, so the door locks do actually serve a purpose, at least for now.

Thanks,  Edward Davis