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 Posted: 04-20-2024 12:20 am
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I think I may have found a solution for all of you with a clock that won't work. My clock is dead, and fiddling with it (oiling, adjusting, shaking, cursing) didn't get it working. <sigh>

Turns out the square clocks in our car were common in cars of the 70s and early 80s. Most of them were made by a single German manufacturer who customized the dials for the OEMs. Jag series III, Peugot, and others used these clocks. The trick is finding one that has not been beat to pieces, or that is known to work.

Shopping on eBay turned up a number of replacements, most of which were priced around $100 USD plus shipping, and many that were not tested for more reasonable prices. But I stumbled on an outfit on the east coast that is selling clocks from Land Rover Classic SUVs that look to be direct replacements, albeit with a different dial.

ePartsLand offers the clocks for a very reasonable $40 US with a guarantee to work for 30 days. Anybody tried these guys? Has anybody successfully installed one of these clocks? Check out the link and let me know...


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