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 Posted: 11-22-2005 10:26 pm
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Just bought my first JH, and it has the normal rust issues. I do'nt mind fixing something once, but I absolutely hate rework. Maybe those who have done this before would'nt mind sharing their experience and insight.

Most articles on restoration mention POR-15. In doing some of my own research, I found Rust Bullet, and it has impressive test results when compared to POR-15. I worked for Westinghouse in the 80's when finishes started improving, and many of the tests that the Rust Bullet site shows are familiar. (Impact, adhesion, saltspray, etc).

Por-15 seems to have a wider range of products available, including putty (good!). Rust Bullet is very sensitive to water/humidity (not good at this time of the year where I live). Rust Bullet requires little prep (good!)

Other issues: Are there rust reformer products that soak into joints, cracks, hard to reach places, like the trunk lid?

Do any of these products serve well as a anchor/base for Bondo or epoxy? In my experience, rust loves to "feast" under body fillers.


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