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 Posted: 10-16-2021 01:03 am
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Height isn't the biggest factor since height can come from longer legs or a longer upper torso, etc. I am 6ft 1 and 275lbs and I am at the limit of the footwell in terms of actuating the pedals (measured as fully extending my leg to depress the clutch) with the seat all the way back.

Topless there is obviously no limit other than the edge of the windshield and that comes into my view a bit too much, but it's not dangerous and I don't need to "duck" like I do on some older British cars.

With the soft top up my head would touch the cloth but it was not uncomfortable.

With a factory hard top (which actually raises the roof line from a soft top) I get about 1" of clearance, very comfortable.

Since I am wide the door cards and the center console basically make up the bolsters for me, so it feels like I am sitting in a fitted racing seat.

All in all the JH is one of the most comfortable British roadsters ever made for big guys, with the caveat that if your upper torso is long, or you are over about 6ft 3", that you may have line of sight issues with the edge of the windshield frame. You could mess around with the foamed headboard (meaning make something custom that was a bit thinner than stock) but this would be minimal in terms of line of sight, maybe a half an inch.

The other mod would be to remove seat foam and make the seat sit lower, or go with some custom seats that you can make closer to the floor.

Like I said, I feel like I am at the limit with a 6ft 1" height and a longer upper torso.

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