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 Posted: 10-09-2021 06:49 pm
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Don: interesting that your old HAZARD switch had a set screw. It was very likely one I had fixed a long time ago, as the plastic fulcrum pins would always break.
Yes, you are correct in that the turn signals "run" through the HAZARD switch(the lower/bottom contacts).
What was almost ALWAYS the problem is that the copper contacts are NOT self-cleaning , like the FAN & LIGH switches which "rub" against one another, similar to the old light switches in your house.
Therefore, you are correct in taking the switch apart for cleaning the copper contacts(stiff fiberglass brushes are excellent for this).
I still "repair" these switches if one has all the parts, even broken fulcrum tabs. Actually, the switch is BETTER than an original as it can be taken apart easier for cleaning.