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 Posted: 10-08-2021 06:57 pm
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I got the new hazard switch and the two flasher units. The difference between the two seems to be wattage (50W for the turn signal and 94W for hazard) which relates to different resistance which would cause a different flash rate.

Once I had them out, I could see the markings are not + and - , but L and B. Load and Blink?

Everything works now, but they don't make it easy. The wire colors actually on the harness don't match the wiring diagram, (new harness from British Wiring) so I traced each to the pins that needed to be connected at the hazard switch and 9 pin connector (and Brown/Black to power). Didn't work. I switched the LGK and LGB wires to the hazard switch and it worked. One of my available wires is Red/Orange which is nowhere on either of my wiring diagrams. Makes tracking down electrical glitches even harder.