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 Posted: 10-07-2021 08:39 pm
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Using an old post to ask a couple of related questions on the hazard rocker switch.

Went to the JHPS meeting a couple of weeks ago, and everything was working on the way there, but all turn signals stopped working on the way back. After several hours squinting at the wiring diagram and tracing, I believe the issue is the hazard rocker switch.

I saw the suggestion to take apart and clean, but missed the little set screw that holds the rocker on. It was crudded over. Ended up breaking the 50 year old plastic trying to take it apart. I have a new one on the way, and will also replace the two flashers just to cover all possibilities. I have power the the switch, verified the stalk switch is working, and have traced all the other wires all the way to the flashing bulbs.


The hazard and turn signal flashers are different part numbers. Are they really different?

Are they wired directionally? There is a + and - on them. Wiring diagram does not indicate which wire goes on + and - terminal.

Has anyone thought to update these flasher units with modern solid state flashers? Any suggested part numbers/sources?

The wiring diagram for the rocker switch shows no wire connected to pin 3. But my wiring harness has a white wire there. I have not been able to trace. Any idea what that's about?

I suspect that when I install the new switch, everything will just go back to working, but I like to understand what's going on. Thanks for any input.

BTW - switch now almost $100.