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 Posted: 09-30-2021 10:14 pm
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Fore those who like to keep the cam covers with their original wrinkle finish and "grooved"/"shaved aluminum top section, this is for you!
The prep work involves a file and wire brush wheel on a high speed drill(see pix).
File and wire wheel any "high" spots so the rubber gasket can "smoothly" transition a height change, thus keeping the oil inside. Light pressure is all that should be used.
Assuming you have used whatever to get the old paint off, use brake clean or lacquer thinner to get any excess oil off. I recommend "shaving" down the bolt holes on the cover since the old SELOC washers will leave indentations in the soft aluminum.
Use painter's tape to cover the oil fill top and air tube as well as the 12 bolt holes(I use wide screws since I do so many--the tape takes much longer to apply)
Make sure you have a full can of wrinkle paint, along with a plastic "scraper", lacquer thinner, small pieces of old "T"-shirts/whatever(they will be stretched tightly over a wooden block) and time(about 30 minutes)
After spraying your first coat, immediately scape off as much as possible, then stretch a piece of the cloth over the wood and DAMPEN(NOT SOAK) a surface of the cloth and scrape that over the top portions to get rid of the paint there. You may have to do this 2-3 times to get rid of the paint there.
Wait the 5-10 minutes required(NO MORE, or you will NOT get the wrinkle finish), and spray one one or two more coats, cleaning the upper sections with the scraper and cloth as previously described.
After your final cleaning, put the covers in an oven at the lowest heat(about 200 F) and bake for 2+ hours.
Serve with a nice Riesling!


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