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 Posted: 07-24-2021 04:17 pm
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As our cars have aged, there is a bigger need for the electrical screw-on piece that goes in the back of our ignition steering column lock. I have been "cleaned out" now for some time and they have not been made since "I-don't-know-when".
There is a Lotus column lock that fits our steering column perfectly, but that item has not been made for ages. However, the electrical portion that screws in the back(like ours but totally different design--will NOT match ours) is still available new. The copper contact points are much "beefier" and larger than ours, so if you find that steering column lock, all you would need to do is cut the J-H wire ends and crimp/solder on female connectors.
Unfortunately, this scarce item(used) means that a different tactic is needed, so I would suggest a common & cheap($15) alternative to drill a proper sized hole somewhere near your dash and install one similar to this(BPNW)
best wishes, bruce