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 Posted: 03-17-2021 04:59 am
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I'm looking for the sizes and possibly vendors for the freeze plugs.

I purchased a kit from the UK but the plugs supplied are all no name - and scruffy.

I measured the supplied plugs as
OD: 39.35mm H: 8.4mm
OD: 42.39mm H: 9.2mm
OD: 22.53mm H: 7.8mm

Qualcast offered me:
96-40MMC – Hole Dia-40MM / OD 40.41MM / H-.390 – you requested 8.4MM = .330 in.

96-42.3MMC – Hole Dia-42MM / OD 42.27MM / H-.575 – you requested 9.2MM = .362 in.

96-22MMC – Hole Dia-22MM / OD 22.17MM / H-.290 (actually shorter than what you requested ) – you requested 7.8MM = .307 in.

Thank you for your collected wisdom!