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 Posted: 02-24-2021 06:34 pm
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Stability is one of the advantages of the Gates Racing blue belts. After installation and initial tensioning, continue to check the tension periodically as spec'd in the manual's Service Schedule, but it's unlikely that you will ever have to adjust it again.

Gates Racing is Gates Rubber's specialty products division, and they make the unique and limited volume belts. Blue is their trademark color, hence the blue belts. The Blue is just a laminate layer and contributes nothing to the performance of the belt.

The key to the belt's performance is the modern HNBR rubber, and the materials used in the chord body. The trapezoidal belt is old school and not used on any modern engines, and the 'vintage' market is small. So when an HNBR version was introduced for the vintage market, Gates Racing made it, and it was blue.

Now it seems that either Gates Rubber has taken over production, or is 'also' producing it, because I'm seeing black versions of T104RB as well. Other than being black (no blue laminate), it's the same belt. So if you order a T104RB and receive a black belt, don't freak out. It's the same quality and durability, it's just not blue.

Tim Engel