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 Posted: 02-03-2021 04:18 pm
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I'm not even sure where to start here, maybe by saying "Your car, Your choice. But $22,400? Damn.

Let's take a moment to look at some options. For $22,400 you can buy two Jensen-Healeys in excellent condition. For considerably less you can buy a pristine J/H and keep yours as a parts car.

If you go with this shop, from what I see in your pictures it looks like the interior is also going to need restoration, is that covered in the 22K?

Like you I want my car like I want my car and like you I have the means to achieve that. But one thing I kept in mind, although I could, I didn't want to make it so nice that I'd be afraid to drive it. That's why I took a pass on a $10,000 paint job from a high end resto shop and found a shop that does a really nice driver quality paint job, and that included the double gold stripes.

Take a look at my page in the projects section to see what I did since it was basically the same thing you're doing right now. I think I posted the numbers there, but I think I spent about $7500 and that included not only bodywork and paint but also an all new leather interior.