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 Posted: 12-04-2020 02:42 am
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I have some grinding once and awhile if I don't get the shift right, meaning there is excessive pressure or misalignment of the shifter relative to the gate, but this is pretty much true of any transmission.

When I rebuilt my shifter linkage I learned that any pressure on the shifter from the rubber or leather (or foam in some cases) at the shift gate creates all kinds of problems with the Getrag 235/5. The shift linkage system on these seems to have been a bit of an afterthought and isn't ideal, so anything wrong means something noticeable. After fiddling with the mechanism, aligning it, changing all the motor/trans mounts, and making sure the gate was completely unobstructed the problems have virtually all gone away. It shifts crisply and smoothly now, and stays in gear. I would have all kinds of intermittent problems with popping out of first, second, and thrid before the various things I did.

First is geared low so I do find myself, at any time when the vehicle is rolling, to start in second. The "dog leg" philosophy is really present in this design and it's gearing, so you really are thinking in terms of a H pattern and spend 95% of your time in that pattern.