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 Posted: 12-03-2020 01:33 am
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Luckily the engine isn't very heavy, with the transmission it's about 320 lbs and without it's about 275. I always remove the carbs, the top shock, and distributor, then wrap two 2" nylon straps, one towards the center of the oil pan(in front of the sump)and one in the back of the oil sump itself by the transmission, then lightly preload the cherry picker. Because of the lighter weight you can get away with extending the cherry picker to its longest length, which helps a bit (but always look at the specific weight rating on your rig).

Then its just about using the tilting beam to even out some pressure, then removing the front engine mounts. It's easier to remove the mounts from the top bolt, but I usually undo both the top and the bottom bolts. Disconnect the tranny and unbolt it from it's mount. (this is all assuming the usual wiring, hoses, exhaust, etc. is all undone already).

Then it's just a game of tilting and maneuvering the engine up and out.