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 Posted: 11-02-2005 06:43 pm
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The top remains attached at the front bar, the one that has the latches that secure above the windscreen.  You have to take the back end of the top out of the two chrome notches immediately above the top well.  This will only work if you've undone all of the snaps everywhere.  Then the whole fabric part of the top is loose, so you collapse the metal part into the top well and drape the fabric over the boot area.  Afterwards, you fold it back and roll it up as Mike explained. 

Just folding the top like a conventional soft top will make it quicker to go up and down, but it seems lie it would also put undue strain on the plastic window and on the fabric.  Rolling the top on my car by the PO's has made it last 30 years.  The key to a long-lasting top is to live where you never need to use it...

I'll get my wife to take some pictures of me stowing the top, and I'll post them this weekend.  Unless someone else has already done it.