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 Posted: 11-29-2020 11:14 pm
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Art DeKneef


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I working on putting a GT engine and transmission into a 1974 JH. Everything is hooked up correctly. I aligned the cams and timing marks to TDC. I saw and verified that the piston was at the top. Everything looked good and I felt I lined everything up correctly.

Engine started with a little effort. I figured the engine would need to be tuned after I started it. However, I can hear what I describe as a rattling sound. It is relatively consistent but not constant, if that makes sense. While I hold the accelerator pedal down a little to get a steady speed, I can hear this sound. I hear it once or maybe twice, then nothing for a couple of seconds then I hear it again. So I turned the engine off.

Here's another thing. While sitting in the car I had my hand on the gear shift and when I heard the rattle, I could feel it through the gear shift. Thinking it might be something related to the trans. I looked inside the trans through the inspection hole and everything looked properly installed.

I'm not sure it's the valves because I would think it would be a constant rattle.

So before I pull the trans in an effort to narrow it down, I thought of asking the group if any of you might have some thoughts.

Thanks, Art