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 Posted: 08-06-2020 10:48 pm
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Paul Koehler

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Mine is a tagged 11-74 and both locks function, what I perceive to be normal. Although in the 15+ years I have owned it, this would be the 1st attempt at observing function. Like stated above, it is pretty low on the list of must haves for a rag top.

The drivers side locks with a 1/4 turn CCW & unlocks 1/4 turn CW. The pass. side locks with a 1/4 turn CW & unlocks 1/4 turn CCW. So, in each case, the car locks by turning the key toward the front and unlocks opposite

My boot lock has always been a pain, so early on I opted-out for one of Pete's kits(NLA). It is a shame no one, to my knowledge has filled in the void left with Pete's passing, and come up with products that make owning a JH that much more enjoyable.

Neither of my keys opens/locks the glove box, so I just assumed it must have come from the bone yard.

I never leave valuables in the car(GPS, phone etc.) If its just a short time span like lunch or ice-creme it goes in the boot. If it is overnight, comes inside.