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 Posted: 07-20-2020 05:25 am
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Pulling the head is straightforward enough, there are really no curve balls involved. The cam towers come off and then it's ten nuts. Removing the exhaust can be a pain, depending on the circumstances. The head is light enough to lift off, I think maybe 25-30lbs.

But before you go to the trouble and the cost of a new gasket, why not take some time to think about the coolant leak some more. They sell some florescent dye if it's a difficult to find leak, you add it, let it leak a bit, then look at it under a black light. If you have the original head gasket it's going to yield a slightly higher comp ratio compared to the newer composite gaskets, so you'll loose a half a point on compression.

The water pump has a few bolts and common areas for leaks, I'd start by looking there.