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 Posted: 05-27-2020 04:49 am
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I had the same problem in a recent thread I posted. I eventually realized that the dizzy pulley has no real objective marks, and in my case it was simply a cam pulley.

The dizzy pulley rotates arbitrarily from the cam pulleys and the crankshaft. Depending on where your distributor is clocked, how the distributor cap is situated, it can all be quite confusing and unless you marked it before taking the belt off it can be almost impossible to get it back to the same position.

The procedure to get back on track is:

1) Line the cam pulleys up (looks like you did this, this is the TDC point)
2) Make sure the crank is at TDC (yes this is the mark on the V belt pulley)
3) Take of the dizzy cap, take not of the position of the rotor and where it's pointing
4) After ascertaining what the rotor is pointing at, trace the corresponding wire to which cylinder it fires. You want to find cylinder #1
5) If you find it pointing to anything but cylinder #1, then rotate the dizzy until it is pointing cylinder #1. This is a rough guess, you want the rotor to be close to touching the metal contact or thereabouts for cylinder #1
6) Reinstall the belt and tension it correctly

Now you have the dizzy pointing at #1 which it should be about to fire (TDC is always on the ignition stroke). Keep the dizzy adjustment somewhat loose, use a timing light, and try and start it up. Fiddling with the position of the dizzy in small 5 degree increments (both advanced and retarded) until you get it start.