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 Posted: 05-27-2020 01:05 am
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Hello. So today I started work on replacing my cars timing belt. This is my first time doing it but have run into a snag big one is that the auxilary pulley(next to alternator) doesn't have any dot(blue text in picture) on it as is mentioned in the guides i found online. So I am clueless as to how to verify it is in the correct position, the only mark it has is a little notch on the side near where the pulley is marked IN, it looks like a timing light mark perhaps but i see no corresponding mark around it it could line up with. I at first assumed this was just the mark it had in place of a dot, but when I aligned the intake and exhaust cams by turning the engine it didn't line up where the dot is shown. Which brings me to my next question. Verifying crank is at TDC. What marks are used to do this? I assume it is the little notice in the side of the V-belt pulley next to what appear to be timing marks, with the intake and exhaust alighned that notch lines right at about the top most mark(hard to say exactly through the sludge on them). So judging from my photos does everything look like its where it is supposed to be? And if so how do I verify the auxiliary pulley is in the correct spot without that mark?

Diagram showing alignment

Intake/exhaust pulleys

Auxilary/crank pulleys