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 Posted: 05-04-2020 03:44 pm
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I remember hearing about the announcement of Donald Healey's all new sportscar. I was quite excited, at the time I was driving a '57 100-6 so I was already a big fan.

Then I recall reading every road test I could find, their reports were quite disappointing, I thought they were unnecessarily harsh.

The styling of the car they generally described as plain vanilla. One tester said "The rear end looks like a Spitfire and the frontend doesn't look like much of anything." On the other hand I've always found it to be a study of elegant simplicity, the way a modern roadster should look.

Unfortunately it was a pricey four banger so it had to compete with sixes in the same price range and like all new Brit cars it had some teething problems.

I think all these things combined to give the Jensen-Healey the bad reputation it still enjoys today.

The funny thing is despite it's reputation and bad press I've found my J-H to be highly reliable.