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 Posted: 05-02-2020 05:35 pm
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Just a topic update, I'm sure by now most of us have seen the Wheeler Dealers J-H episode. According to Mike the boys spent $9,198 on the car and sold it for $9,500 for a profit of $302. Even if that was the case it's a lot of trouble to realize a $302 profit. However I talked to Peter(the guy who bought the car)and he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement so he couldn't talk numbers but he said the guys spent considerably more on the car than $9,198.

So I'd say at this point it's still not a collectable. What I find really odd though is if you make up a list of what makes a British sportscar collectable(performance, looks, rarity, etc.) the Jensen-Healey pretty much checks all the boxes. Pearls before swine I guess.