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 Posted: 05-01-2020 05:04 am
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It has been a number of years since I replaced mine, but I do not remember having to buy any special tools. I do remember that it was a lot of work to thread the hoses through the passageway to the front of the car. It also took a lot of torque to get the couplings tightened to where they would not leak. This was not difficult at the oil pump end, but was pretty painful at the oil cooler end. I initially also tried to replace the stock oil cooler with an aluminum version, but did not have any luck with that: I could not figure out any way to get a brace or wrench on the cooler itself outside of the mounting screws and the aluminum was too flimsy for me to tighten the couplings enough to keep it from leaking without bending the entire oil cooler. So I ended up reusing the original oil cooler, which was much sturdier, and that has worked OK. (I have never had any cooling problem with my engine, so going to an aluminum cooler was more of a whim than something that was needed). The hoses I bought from Delta only lasted a little over a year before one of them started leaking where the hose connects to the right angle connector going to the oil cooler. I ended up replacing the pair with ones from JHPS and they have been lasting OK. Hopefully yours will last longer. But be careful not to flex where the hose joins to the connectors any more than necessary. This may be a weak point in the assembly. Good luck.