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 Posted: 04-23-2020 06:40 pm
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Simon: if you can't find one locally, I have some :used: ones. As long as we're on the subject of woodruff keys wallowing out their sprocket slots, my experiences are somewhat different from Tim's.
Although I have never had the oil pump/distributor sprocket push past the spring washer(except for some Dave Bean aftermarket ones in the '80s; one side was chamfered and the other side flat, unlike the OEM Lotus ones; ALWAYS test torque before putting the belt on), the steel crank pulley is held "in place" by the friction of the thick washer using the 50+ psi from the main bolt. HOWEVER, if you ever remove this nut & washer, you will notice the washer has been "pulled" in by the force of the bolt, and should be turned around, reflattened, or replaced, or I guarantee you will ruin your sprocket '
best wishes, bruce