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 Posted: 04-15-2020 04:27 am
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SimonD wrote:
Just got her out of her winter slumber and have noticed that the oil pump pulley has moved back against the oil pump housing. Would anyone one know why this might be, and how I should rectify it?

It could be related to your tensioner setup. Does it have the older curved style pulley (with twin bearings) or a newer flat design? They typically go bad in the bearings and also the pulley can wear so out of true it causes issues.

Verifying correct belt tension is a good idea as well.

Even after converting to a newer style my setup pushes the belt in that exact same location towards the opposite direction. It's no big deal as long as it doesn't come off the wheel at all and has solid engagement.

How does the belt track on your cam pulleys? Is the dizzy wheel rubbing against the housing?

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