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 Posted: 04-09-2020 04:11 pm
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Since my last post a year ago on this thread I've finished the interior(Rejen)and had the same problem with replacement speakers. A PO at some point junked the original 5 1/4" speakers and replaced them with 6 1/2" ones. The problem was they also cut away door metal so the originals no longer fit.

I wanted to stay as original as possible. I found a set of 5 1/4" Pioneers but the modern covers just didn't look right. Fortunately I still had the original speakers from my TR7 which were replaced because one had blown out. As it turns out the covers look almost exactly like yours, same shape, finish, and even the same speaker symbol.

The Rejen door cards are quite stout so I was able to mount the whole assembly to it. I guess it's true when they say "don't throw away anything"!