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 Posted: 04-02-2020 07:49 am
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This popping out of gear thing has been driving me crazy for 12 years. Tonight I thought to myself as I was going to bed- wait a minute, I fitted a hurst style rubber bellows shift boot back in 2008. I know I spent a huge amount of time getting it just right and made sure it cleared correctly and there was no pressure on the actual stick. So I always just put that out of my mind.

I had the entire center console out for something else and I got the brilliant idea- why don't I drive it like this when there is nothing at all even touching the stick. VIOLA! The problem is completely gone, I was able to modulate throttle in any way and take hard corners and no popping whatsoever! I was shocked how just a little pressure on the stick could have caused this annoying problem.

Well, it's on to either making or finding a simple and thin leather or vinyl shift boot! I can't believe this problem drove me crazy all this time.

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