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 Posted: 04-02-2020 05:35 am
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I have a 73 with a 235/5. When it was first built 20 years ago it ran very smoothly, I had it off the road from 2008 to 2020. Now I am back at it, and as I recall in 2008 it had started to pop out of 2nd and 4th a bit, but only from time to time, and mostly on hard cornering.

I notice that on decel it would start to pop out of 2nd all the time. I decided to replace the trans mount and motor mounts. The trans mount was a mush so I was a good idea, the motor mounts were petrified. Replaced the oil with 90 weight Redline GL4. I did notice on the magnetic drain plug that it had a sludge of metallic goo, not a huge amount but maybe a teaspoon or so.

After doing all the work, including rebuilding the linkage completely with a delta kit and replacing the rubber mount on the shift arm, I drove it for the first time today.

Shifts great, a little smoother than before, nice positive action, but BAM it pops out of 2nd now if I just slightly modulate the throttle. Really disappointing considering its actual WORSE than it was before.

So the mounts and linkake weren't to blame, I am going to remove the rubber hurst like gaitor I have on it to make sure it isn't interfering or pressuring the gear shifter at all.

Question: after that, where do I go? Could an older clutch be to blame here? Or am I destined to pull the tranny and rebuild it. To that end:

1) Can I rebuild it myself? I have some special tools and have rebuilt some basic american stuff in the past, like a Muncie, etc. Do I need special tools? Who sells a rebuild kit?

2) Any places or shops specialize in rebuilds? What does it cost?

3) Has the Toyota 5 spd kits all gone away at this point? I don't see it listed on JHPS.