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 Posted: 03-18-2020 11:36 pm
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It appears your door panels were at some point rebuilt or replaced. An original panel has an inverted u shaped piece of aluminum extrusion fastened to the top edge of the panel which hooks to the inner steel lip of the door, then the panel fastens to the door with plastic snaps on the sides and bottom.

The stainless trim piece is attached to the back of that u with hooks on the wipe seal. That original hard wipe seal with attaching hooks is NLA which is why the new wipe seal has to be glued or attached with two way tape.

I just received a new pair of door panels from Rejen which are as I described. Also original panels have a foam bolster which runs the length of the top of the panel which would probably make installation of the stainless trim piece on the front of the panel very difficult.