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 Posted: 03-17-2020 10:50 pm
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I was afraid I would here valve train clatter if there was too much clearance but I adjusted to .007 on the intakes and .012 on the exhausts. I did this with a standard feeler gauge where the .007 slide in but the .008 was a no go. Same for the exhaust where the .012 slide in but the .013 was a no go. I figured with the gasket sealer it might lose a little clearance but once torqued down I got the same results. I have to say it sounds great! No tapping or clatter like I previously had and definitely runs better! While there are always small challenges, I take my time and actually enjoy the process. It's part of the fun of a classic British car. I rescued JH # 10626 (built 11/10/72) about 4 years ago. The original owner parked it in 1980 with just 22k miles. I brought her back to life (every nut and bolt) and enjoy driving and showing and there's always lots of interest. I have owned several Jensen Healeys over the years - worked at Manhattan Beach Imported Cars in the late 70's and it was love at first sight. So after many years of not having a JH I'm enjoying every minute and I think JH # 10626 is too!

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