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 Posted: 03-16-2020 02:40 am
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Just a follow up from my experience with the valve adjustment procedure. I don't think this was ever done to this engine prior and I want to give a a big THANK YOU for all the good advice from Tim Engle (Esprit2), Bruce (Redracer) and Greg Fletcher (JHPS). Once I knew what I had to do everything went well and it was actually an enjoyable process. I had the cam carrier oil passage port counter bored by a local machine shop ($40), calculated the size of the shims I needed, got the shims and oil passage o-rings from Delta and since I had to measure all the clearances anyway I got a set of 107 Cams (JHPS, thanks Greg) along with a set of 104 MOP (green dot) cam pulleys and put it all back together. Wow, I'm smiling now. Just as advised the 107 cams run smooth and pull nicely through the gears - I'd say they are a nice upgrade and worth it. Attached are some pictures of the cam carrier modification (oil passage counter bore and o-ring installation) that was required since it hadn't previously been done. I used the 518 Anaerobic sealer and there was no noticable clearance change after torquing the carriers down.

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