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 Posted: 02-25-2020 06:52 pm
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It's me again. Question for JH 20152.
I pulled the intake cam housing carrier from the engine. The oil feed hole has not been reamed out like the one on the removed exhaust carrier. The exhaust carrier hole is 31/64 x .0052 deep. All that was there was the oil soggy gasket as found on the exhaust carrier. No o-ring was found in the exhaust carrier or in the head. Will not use gaskets during installation.I assume I have to ream out the exhaust carrier oil feed hole to the correct size. Then install O-rings and 518 during installation of the carriers to the head.
The intake carrier has only one area (sprocket end) routed out. I assume done for more oil drainage. The exhaust carrier has both ends of the carrier routed out.
Q. Should I route out the intake carrier (thrust plate end) like the exhaust carrier (thrust plate end).