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 Posted: 02-24-2020 03:21 am
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I'm in the middle of my valve adjustment / re-shimming and I saw the note in a recent post about SB 74-23. I can't find the service bulletin right now but I remember it was to that the cam carrier oil passage hole needed a 31/64" counter-bore so an o-ring could be placed to provide sealing when going from a gasket to just using the anaerobic (518) between the cylinder head and the cam carrier. Well, when I removed my cam carriers, which had what looked like a factory paper gasket, one carrier looks like it has a counter bore and one doesn't. Question 1) Neither of them leaked at all so I'm wondering why or if I need to modify the carrier and use the o-ring or not. Question 2) See attached picture, Does the one look like its already been cut? Question 3) What it the process for cutting a 31/64" counter bore for the oil passage o-ring? thanks in advance.

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