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 Posted: 02-10-2020 04:38 pm
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The attached JPEG applies to LOTUS engines, and doesn't apply to the early J-H tensioners and parts. So why post it here? Just to illustrate that you're not dealing with ONE set of tensioner parts, and that not everything you see that is tensioner related will be an automatic, perfect fit on your 907. You need to buy the correct parts. Or in the case of Qwerty's tensioner, buy the ONE that he has, and then perhaps a spacer that will make it fit correctly on your engine.

FYI, any of the Lotus tensioner set-ups will fit on a J-H 907 'IF' taken as a complete set. But individual loose parts may not.

Tim Engel

PS... The JPEG covers the Lotus eccentric tensioners. Then there was an evolutionary series of five spring-loaded, semi-automatic tensioners that are not covered.

Attachment: 9XX Timing Belt Tensioner - Parts Evolution - Seal Housing & Tensioner.jpg (Downloaded 53 times)

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