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 Posted: 12-29-2019 05:12 pm
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It looks great and quite cozy. I think you're being a little overly optimistic using the word finished, are they ever really finished? Weather you change the panel color or not is strictly a matter of what you like, after all you're the one who's going to be driving it.

When it comes to your top, you live in SoCal, you can do what I did, since I never used it I just bagged it and stored it in the garage. Haven't missed it.

Concerning the missing patches, they're not missing they just didn't upholster that area because of the top. Having just redone my interior I just left the anchor area bare. If it bothers you, you can glue a strip of vinyl over the area.

One more thing, after I installed my carpeting I got a set of coco mats to protect the carpet. They're heavy duty, look really nice and you can get just about any color combo and style you want.