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 Posted: 09-25-2019 03:57 pm
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I think, but don't 'know'... that the oil flow was designed to work correctly with just the pump... no oil cooler. Then, when an oil cooler sandwich plate is added in, the flow becomes oil cooler first, then filter. I don't think that was a plan as much as a result of adding a cooler after the engine was designed.

I do like a conversion to a vertical filter orientation... regardless of where it is placed. That makes filter access easier from below the car (especially with a K&N filter with the 'hex nut' feature on its end), and minimizes the oil spill mess whenever the used filter is removed.

The easiest approach involves using a Ford 90 degree adaptor on the engine. I believe Ford used more than one 90 degree adaptor, but I know that the one from a 1994 4.0L V-6 SUV engine, or from a Ford Ranger works). Adapters can be found in the $20 to $40 range on e-Bay or junk yards.

Cast in markings on the adaptor:

Summit Racing lists a 'Ford' 90 degree adaptor with 3/4-16 threads, but it looks a little different. I've not tried it, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work.

The aftermarket remote filter kits also work well, if there's enough room somewhere in the engine bay to place one. Regardless of what is used, installation will require some creativity and mechanical skill... or pay a pro to do it.

Tim Engel