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 Posted: 09-23-2019 03:19 am
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Location of the Air Bleed Hole in the Auxiliary Housing. It's important to reducing the amount of time required for oil pressure to build-up during an engine start. If your engine takes an inordinate amount of time to build pressure, then check this hole and make certain it hasn't become plugged by sludge.

Very early 907s didn't have an Air Bleed Hole... it was added as a running change. If yours escaped the TSB update, then this is where to drill a 1.4 mm (0.55") diameter hole. Do so with the Auxiliary Housing off the engine, and completely flush any metal chips from the housing prior to re-installing it.

Tim Engel

Attachment: 907 Oil Pump, Aux Housing Mod - Air Bleed Hole Location - illustration.jpg (Downloaded 163 times)

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