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 Posted: 07-02-2019 06:35 am
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Well, it sounds like you got it taken care of without any help. But for future reference...

The tensioner's eccentric hub doesn't pilot into the block. Instead, it slips into a boss at the top of the front main seal housing (see attached JPEG). Since the stud had already backed out, you could have simply unbolted & removed the seal housing, then worked more conveniently at a bench.

Whenever you replace the timing belt, also evaluate the front main seal and the water pump. if they need attention, it will never be more convenient than when you have everything else stripped off the front of the engine to replace the T-belt. In this case, removing the seal housing wouldn't have been a liability, it would have been an opportunity to further leverage all the labor you were putting into the project anyway.

When you feel up to it, I do recommend that you re-time the cams to 110 Int / 110 Exh. Both cam pulleys will have to be removed and flipped over, front-to-back, before aligning the 110 timing marks (apply Anti-Seize to the pulley bores and cam journals during assembly). Once you get the whole timing belt thing figured out, it's not a big deal to make the change, and it really improves how the 907 runs. Well, that, more static ignition advance, and tune the carbs for best running/ power.

BTW, if you do go back into the belt again to re-set the timing, pull the tensioner back off and smear Anti-Seize on the:
1) bore in the front main seal housing's boss,
2) the eccentric hub's shank that fits into the seal
3) the stud & the eccentric hub's mating bore, and...
Keep the stud's threads clean and dry, and use a fresh Nyloc nut.

If you ever take the auxiliary pulley off, note that if it was correctly installed last time, then it was mounted with Loctite. It will require a puller and heat to remove it. Avoid aiming the torch flame toward the seal right behind the pulley. Wrap a wet rag around the shaft to mask the seal, then aim the torch forward from behind the pulley.

Tim Engel

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