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 Posted: 05-12-2019 11:46 pm
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Update: Problem solved. Thought I would post this for anyone that might come across this issue. The problem was the shifter extention mount. On the 5 speed there is a rubber mount that fastens the end of shifter extention housing to the body of the car (bolts to the top of the transmission tunnel right behind the shifter) This effectively holds the end of the shifter extension at an angle high enough that the shifter comes up through the console. Well... the rubber mount I got from Delta Motorsports was too large and didn't allow enough of an angle on the shifter extension for the stroke of the shift rod to be pulled back far enough to engage all the way into 4th gear. Attached is the picture of the original rubber mount and the new one - which I removed and now all gears shift nicely. I could see how this rubber bushing and the angle of the shifter extension could be a cause of poor shifting for JH's with the Getrag.

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