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 Posted: 05-12-2019 04:48 pm
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In the final phase of restoration of my Mk1 10626. The engine and trans were from a running, driving '75 - now installed (running and driving in the 73) and now the Getrag won't go into 4th gear..? All new shift linkage (Pete's Kit) all the other gears shift great- smooth and quite but 4th doesn't engage - doesn't seem to mesh or even move the shifter as far forward and feels like its pressing against the gear but wont engage. I saw a similar post from 2009 on here were the engine was removed for rebuild then the Getrag wouldn't go into 4th gear - same issue I have.. HELP. I'm ready to pull the trans back out and open it up but wanted to check here if anyone else had a similar experience and what was the resolution? Thank you!
Tim (pricelessjunk) - btw, that's what my wife called it when I brought it home