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 Posted: 03-25-2019 03:55 am
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I'm redoing the entire interior of my JH. The black carpet is completely rotted and I decided it was time for a complete overhaul. I ordered the brown carpet for the trunk from Delta ($240)...the cabin carpet is on back-order until the end of the month.

For starters, I gutted the trunk down to the sheetmetal. It is essential to take out the gas tank. The gas tank is easy to remove (in theory):
1. Remove the two straps
2. Remove the drain plug (under the car drivers side). Be sure to have a container to capture all of that precious petrol.
3. Remove the wire connections.
4. Remove the fuel line connections.
5. Remove the fill cap with the hose clamps.
6. Tilt the bottom of the tank towards the rear of the car and slide the empty tank out.

With the tank removed, I ripped out all of old carpet and insulation. I cleaned up the sheetmetal as best as I could with solvent and a putty knife. I then wiped everything down with windex.

I decided to Dynamat all of the surfaces (as most do). This stuff is amazing, but a bit expensive. $150.00 for a pack of 9x sheets. This will cover the entire trunk and you will have 2 sheets left over. I'm saving them for the cabin interior. I also purchased Dynaliner (1/2"). This stuff is a high-quality insulation foam for heat and noise that you install on top of Dynaliner. It's probably not necessary for the trunk, but I thought it would be a nice touch. I only used it for the floor of the trunk. 1/2" was a guess and it worked out well for me, but you might want to consider 1/4" because it makes the tank a bit snug to re-install. Nonetheless, it's compressible foam so with enough tweaking, the tank slid back in. I reinstalled the straps, drainplug, hose connections, and wiring.

Next up is carpet and I'll have a post about that later. I'm still debating what type of adhesive to use for the carpet.

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