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 Posted: 03-25-2019 03:10 am
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Hi All,

I was missing door window seals, so I ordered the Delta kit (interior seal, exterior seal, and clips for both driver and passenger sides). This was one of the first upgrades I decided to tackle. I've listed instructions and notes below, but it might be helpful to look at the PDF of images as you read. I linked it at the end of this post.

SIDE NOTE: Retention Clips
There has been a lot of debate in the past regarding the seal retention clips. Years ago, the Delta clips were too shallow and could not properly hold the exterior door lip and the exterior seal. At some point, Delta changed the clips and they now work very well.

Door Interior Disassembly
1. Remove interior door pull, which is captured by two hex head lags.
2. Remove the door latch handle, which is retained by a single Phillips screw.
3. Remove the window roller lever, which is retained by a single Phillips screw.
4. Remove the speaker mesh and unfasten any screws that capture the speaker to the door.
5. Remove the corner trim at the door jam and the trim at the leading edge of the door.
6. Remove the top door trim (rivetted in my case).
7. Remove all of the fasteners holding the door panel (lower edge a series of Phillips screws).

Window Mechanism Disassembly
1. Extracting the glass and the window mechanism is a bit of a pain, but with patience it can be done.
2. First remove the two fasteners on the under side of the door that retain the window edge guides. one of the guides is the 1/4 window edge.
3. The window mechanism is held in place with 7x large Phillips fasteners. 4 of the fasteners hold the roller mechanism and the other three hold a pivot plate. Roll the window nearly up to the top and loosen all 7 of these fasteners. You might have to remove some of them entirely to be able to shift the glass out of the captive slides.
4. Slide the glass forward as far as possible while adjusting the height of the glass as needed. Eventually the window will be able to slide out of the captive slides.
5. Pull the glass straight out.
6. Remove the foot on the bottom of the 1/4 window and pull the 1/4 window straight out the top.
6. Reach in the door and adjust the position of the window mechanism until it is collapsed and can be pulled out of the rear opening.
7. De-gunk and clean up the mechanism. Be sure to re-grease.
8. Clean the glass.

Exterior Window Seal Installation
1. I decided to borrow from a previous thread I read regarding VHB tape. Available on McMaster: This tape is applied to the surface that the exterior seal will mount to (inside the door).
2. Clean the surface with a file to knock any burrs off and prep it with rough sand paper. Clean the surfaces with windex or isopropyl.
3. Lay the VHB tape along the entire length of the surface.
4. Measure the exterior seal and leave excess on either end of the door. Knotch the seal towards the back to all the seal to drop into the door.
6. Lay the seal in the door and press firmly so that it adheres to the VHB tape.
7. Using snap ring pliers, spread the clips out slightly and reach in the door to install. Install about 7 clips evenly spaced along the seal, being sure to capture both the seal and the metal lip.
8. Trim the excess seal at the leading edge of the door and leave the excess at the back for now.

Reassemble Window Mecahnism
1. Before installing the interior seal, put the window mechanism back into the door.
2. Start by installing the 1/4 window.
3. Then put the re-greased mechanism back into the door and start the 7 fasterners. Don't tighten them all the way because you need wiggle room to reengage the glass into the tracks.
4. Once the glass is reengaged, tighten the 7 Phillips fasteners and the 2 fasteners on the under side of the door for the window edge guides.

Interior Window Seal Installation
This seal definitely had me stumped for a bit because I saw no way to use the clips to hold the seal in place. I decided to take a different approach that I think is more secure than anything I've seen on the forum (certainly better than bonding or VHB tape alone).
1. The chrome trim is retained with rivetts or fasteners. Add two more of these holes towards the back of the door, evenly spaced with the rest of the trim holes.
2. Measure the correct length for the interior seal. It terminates at the 1/4 window and leave an inch extra at the trailing edge of the door.
3. Knotch the seal so that it can drop into the door.
4. No VHB tape is needed for the interior seal.
5. Lay the interior seal in the door and temporarily hold it in place with some tape. Be sure not to cover the holes that hold the trim in place.
6. With the seal aligned, transfer each of the holes that hold the trim in place onto the seal (be sure to include the 2 additional holes added). You can use a sharpie or you can lightly drill into the rubber through the holes.
7. With the holes transfered, use a small drill and gently drill into the rubber of the seal, being sure not to penetrate to the other side of the seal. The idea is to get an access hole into the hollow channel of the seal.
8. With all of the holes drilled in the seal, squirt some windex into the hollow channel of the seal and feed in 6-32 hex nuts to correspond to the hole locations. I used a chop stick to push the nuts (1 at a time). You can put the nuts in from both sides working from the middle out. You can bend the seal with your fingers for the final alignment. You can also use a poker to get the nuts perfectly aligned.
9. Thread in 3/8" 6-32 fasteners into the seal at each one of the holes. Keep them installed for now.
10. Use tape to hold the chrome trim in place.
11. Remove 1 6-32 fastener at a time and run the fastener through the chrome trim hole and into the rubber seal nut. Repeat this for each of the holes. I found that a flat blade screwdriver to support the interior of the seal was helpful while driving the screws in place.
12. There are two holes blocked by the 1/4 window frame, but there is enough room to get hex nuts at these locations. You might not have room so you can use CA to bond in screws.

Install the Door Back Chrome
1. Fold down the excess 1" length of the door seals and install the corner chrome piece. You may need to clip out the hard spine of the exterior seal to fold the seal.

The steps above are only so helpful. I put together some supplemental images in a PDF here:

If you're trying to do door seals, I encourage you to try this technique. It was a great learning experience and I'm very pleased with the outcome. It's tedious yes, but I think with these instructions, it should be relatively straightforward.

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