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 Posted: 03-23-2019 12:43 pm
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Hi All,
My JH Mk1 bare metal rebuild continues, now into year 3!
Panel work coming to an end, but Im having trouble remembering how the headlamp panels are aligned.
Do you have a photo of your JH with the GRP Headlamp cowl removed, showing the metal panel fit? If yes, please can you upload into this post?

My rusty damaged headlamp panels were removed 3 years ago. I have purrchased 2x new headlamp panels & and 2x adjacent "headlamp pane" (triangular) panels.
Two issues:

1. The headlamp panel can be fitted with the edge flanges pointing forward (I think this position is correct) and pointing backwards. Having looked online I found pictures of JH's with both set ups.
Looking at the Martin Robey (MR) panel images on their website:
Flange looks to be pointing forward. When asked, MR were unable to confirm correct position.

2. The new headlamp panel doesnt align to the Inner Wing , circa. 1" gap.
Please see photo showing gap. MR advised fettling to achieve "best fit".
See photo attachement for gaps etc

Attachment: JH-Headlamp-Panelv4.jpg (Downloaded 64 times)