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 Posted: 03-06-2019 05:58 pm
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post "convertible top" in the "Search" tab at the top for help. The glue we used for the front bow is 3M "Fast Tack Trim Adhesive", #08031(also used on sew-up bicycle tires). Home Depot used to carry the "80 spray can(not sure if they still do) which was also used. The main feature is being able to reposition it, unlike pure contact cement which can NOT have the item repositioned.
When JENSEN was still in business, anew top from them came with the top already glued to a new front bow; I looked at all the tops I had from my cars(26+) to see where/how this was done. The part where the top meets the sew-on edges(triangular/pointed) goes right at the corner of the bow.
You may have noticed the 2 pieces of the bow spot welded; I highly recommend you grind so the two pieces are smooth all around, especially at the 2 corners where the tops would usually get torn first.(I even glue a small piece here before I glued on the top, for added longevity).
good luck, bruce