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 Posted: 02-04-2019 07:39 pm
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Paul Prinsen wrote:
A couple of gas tank issues:

Third question: Safety may not be the most exciting issue, but ... I would like to incorporate an inertia switch to cut fuel in case of an emergency. I noticed one in an Alfa I rented once, and thought it was a good idea. Has anyone done this before? What junk car would be a good source for this part?  

Obviously way late to this question, but wanted to share my thoughts and fix for a fuel safety switch. Definitely not the right page but could repost later.

Not sure how many JH owners have done this, but I found it nice to have the piece of mind. I put in an electric fuel pump, and the company recommended a safety switch that gets tied in with the oil pressure. Bought it on amazon for $11. Cheap insurance if there’s an accident and the fuel keeps pumping. Airtex OS75. Works great. Put it on a T fitting where the oil pressure gauge line taps into the engine.

Only issue with it is that the fuel pump only turns on when the pressure is above 5psi. To make cold starts a little easier, I installed an SPDT on(on) momentary toggle switch on the dash so I can turn the fuel pump on with the ignition switch to prime the carbs a bit, and then let it turn off until there’s enough oil pressure to turn it on again.

Best, Patrick. 18602 Project in SD, CA