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 Posted: 12-05-2018 01:36 pm
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Got it all back together yesterday. What a job getting the remains of the mount off of the shifter remote! With the rubber gone, there was nothing to grab hold of to keep it from turning while I removed the rusted nut from below. I was finally able to wedge a sharpened screw driver under it to loosen enough that I could finally hold it with a vice grips. That and a lot of penetrating oil did the trick. Maneuvering around the driveshaft although difficult was not impossible. I didn’t see a way to adjust the trans to the left, nor did I want to disturb the relationship between the exhaust header and the steering shaft so I drilled a new mounting hole in the tunnel 5/8” to the right of the original. Still plenty of clearance between the shifter and tunnel. Glad to have this project behind me.

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