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 Posted: 04-13-2017 05:19 am
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OK, that makes all kinds of sense then. I remember noticing once (though I've rebuilt my tach to RVC specs and I'm not sure just how accurate it is) that with my stock 4 speed and 3.73 rear end that in 4th gear, there's a definite easy math between RPM and MPH: half the speed x 100 = RPM (in other words, 70MPH = 3500 RPM, 60 MPH = 3000 RPM, etc.) Obviously there are a lot of factors such as gauge accuracy and tire sizes that could affect it, but this is my experience with my particular car.

I'd be curious as to which rear end would be the preferred one for the W58: if you combined it with the 3.45 you'd have a serious freeway cruiser.