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 Posted: 04-12-2017 11:32 pm
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Sorry. To be clear and I hope I'm describing this right. If you look at the post above by Tim Engel, he notes that the 5th gear ratio of the W58 is at 0.783. I have the stock 4-speed rear end in my car (the 3.73). When I was referring to the rpm's at highway speeds, I was referring to the engine speed in TOP gear for each of the set-ups. With the W58 with the 3.73 rear end I have right now, and going approximately 75 mph, the 5th gear on the W58 leaves me with rpm's that are APPROXIMATELY 450-500 rpm's lower than the stock set-up for the JH5/Jensen GT (with 3.45 rear end in top gear on the Getrag). It is approximately 900 rpm's lower than the stock 4-speed (3.73 rear end in top/4th gear) at 75 mph. Again, I hope that I'm describing that correctly for your question. There are other posts elsewhere on the message board that go into much more detail about tranny and rear end set-up. And those posts are written by JH owners who are much smarter than me!

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