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 Posted: 04-13-2017 12:10 am
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Rick Willard wrote:
Another thought to consider from my own experience. The 2nd of my 4 JH's had the Getrag 5-speed, which is a good tranny for the car, but...the Toyota is so much better on the highway. It's about 500 RPM's lower than the Getrag at 75 mph and 900 RPM's lower than the 4-speed at 75 mph.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, but that doesn't make sense. The Chrysler 4-speed and the Getrag 5-speed both had the same final ratio of 1:1. Though the differential ratios were different (3.73:1 for the 4-speed and 3.45:1 for the 5-speed) so that would explain the difference now that I think about it. But if you're just comparing apples to apples, there's no difference between 4th gear in the 4-speed and 5th gear in the 5-speed.

Rick, which rear end do you have in the car with the W58?